Hwy 7 is an important commuter artery across the province, and especially in eastern Ontario where it’s the only major east-west route for many communities located an hour north of Hwy 401. But its in the suburbs of Toronto where the traffic volume is particularly dense, and where the road has become a paramount shopping corridor and the focus of much civic investment.

As transportation and congestion remain a key concern for York Region residents, our elected representatives in the York Regional Council have made road construction, and the improvement of Hwy 7 specifically, a top priority in their agenda. The current governing body has invested more funds in transportation and transit-related initiatives than any previous term of Council.

The redesigned Highway 7 in Markham, and here in Concorde was remade to accommodate a variety of new users as well as a full complement of cars and trucks. The new road features a central transit routes and outer bike lanes as well as many lanes of traffic. In 2005, Highway 7 was made the second main artery for York Region’s VIVA rapid transit and we helped them with some bus station signage.

For those who don’t know our hometown, Concord is a suburban industrial neighbourhood in the City of Vaughan in York Region, located north of Toronto, Ontario. Our little village is accessed by two provincial highways: Highway 407 and Highway 400. Concord is bordered by Steeles Avenue to the south, Highway 400 to the west, Dufferin Street to the east, and Rutherford Road to the north. Hwy 7 is now called the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

The area along Highway 7, from Highway 400 to just of Jane Street, though still often considered by many to be part of Concord, is now officially a new district; Vaughan Metropolitan Centre; which is Vaughan’s planned new downtown core.

On Wednesday the 22nd of November, the Sign Source Solution team went into action erecting two new pylon signs at commercial properties that are strip malls The first one went up at 2160 Hwy #7, and the second installation happened just one property east at 2104 Hwy #7. Keep your eye out for these monoliths on your next pass through the area.

What is a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign that is detached from a building and has a support structure that is a solid-appearing base constructed of a permanent material. It’s a purpose built sign that is NOT a monument in its own right. All along Hwy 7 motorists can see these steel monoliths filled with the names of the businesses on the property. These are pylon signs and they are especially common in big box shopping areas, near strip malls and medical centres. The two pylon signs that Sign Source Solution erected that day were made steel and each one weighs over 5400 lbs!

Why so heavy? Well each thick steel post alone weighs 1500 lbs, the sign box is 800 lbs (as remember it contains 20 LED transformers), and the two faces are 1600 lbs each, and so the total weight lies somewhere between 5400 lbs to 6000 lbs.

The installation is rooted in cement filled Sonotubes that are buried eight feet deep in the ground. The top has four bolts to which a thick metal plate is affixed. The pylon sign posts are lowered by crane on-top of these 4 Bolts, and the nuts lock the post in place. The bottom metal steel plates have been cut perfectly using a precision water saw with ultra high velocity and psi. The square hole in the plate allows the posts to slip inside, and then the steel is welded from the top and bottom. The metal Gussets were also welded between the plate and the post to prevent any slippage from torque. It should also be mentioned that rust undercoat paint was applied on the metal portion and then two coats of marine paint for additional protection from the elements. This is the Sign Source Solution method, and these extra steps make extra strong fabricated signs.

The wind on Weds the 22nd of November 2017 was brisk but steady and there were no severe gusts, and so it was possible to work the giant frames onto their pre-poured mounts safely and without unnecessary delay. The installation took about four hours with a lot of hand gesticulating and finagling of the crane, followed by a loud steel-on-steel hammer drilling, fastening and welding.

Pylon Signs Pack Parking Lots and Make Commercial Properties More Profitable

Nobody reading this post is wondering why property owners and retail businesses bother erecting outdoor signage. Everyone knows it works. The money spent on these installations will have more impact per dollar over a greater time-period than any other form of business advertising.

Pylon Signs Generate Impulse Sales

Your customers are busy people, and they don’t always plan to visit your location in advance, but they may however notice your sign, and realize that the goods and services you’re offering meet a need they have. If that need is strong enough they might immediately change their plans, and if they’ve time to spare, they might very well stop what they’re doing and come inside. Consumers by and large seek out what is convenient first. If your sign by the roadside is first or best one that stands out, and your location is handy, then your store will be the one who gets their business.

Pylon signs on commercial properties can provide directions as they impact high probability consumers. Being included on these tall tower signs at the gate is especially helpful if your business is not in a high-traffic area inside the complex. Such signs are a key part of ‘local branding’ for bricks and mortar businesses. They let customers know who you are and invite them in from the street. A sign can be the first impression someone has of your enterprise and at Sign Source Solution we strive to make sure the images you’re projecting, and the message you’re communicating are comprehensible, consistent and appealing to customers.

Nighttime Pylon Sign All Lit Up

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