The Simcoe County Off Road Riders Association, or SCORRA is a family orientated off road motorcycle riders club formed in the winter of 2006. These guys started with just twenty five members that December, but have since blown up to become one of Ontario’s largest clubs with more than 775 adult and child members today. Off road dirt bike adventures as a popular recreational activity has also grown in that time frame, as more Ontario families seek wilderness trail-riding excursions than ever before. SCORRA’s growth is part of a bigger trend, a massive motorcycle movement in the woods.

SCORRA is a provincially incorporated not-for-profit corporation managed by volunteers who must be smart people judging by this expansive business organism’s remarkable growth and prosperity. So we’re just absolutely thrilled this organization chose Sign Source Solution vehicle wrapping to laminate their association’s new equipment trailer.

vinyl wrapped box trailer for SCORRA Motorcycle Club Trailer

In Feb 2016 the new trailer was covered with 288 sq ft of two printed vinyl showing an easy-to-interpret image of a dirt bike and rider cresting a sloping terrain. The design went back and forth for a week while the actual installation was done over the course of just two days.

Four different processes occurred after the design was approved, and the trailer was brought into the shop to acclimatize to room temperature (for best results installing the vinyl). First the design was set up in the printer’s software. Setting the design includes making sure the vinyl is the right size and ready to be printed. Next the Printing phase is done carefully with the different shaped pieces stored in a way they can be assembled later. These bits are further trimmed usually right at the side of the vehicle before they are installed on the body of the car truck or van, or in this case an equipment trailer.

The advantages of choosing a duotone colour scheme are:

  1. Using small doses of colour that contrast with a main colour will draw attention to the design. This layout emphasizes the name of the club, and is more likely to make a comprehensible and retrievable brand memory.
  2. Two designs often convey a more easily digestible meaning to viewers, and in this case motorists who may only glimpse the design for a fraction of a second.
  3. Duotone designs generally enhance the aesthetics of a brand logo. They can be used to organize brand elements and create a visual hierarchy in design.
  4. In this layout, the green and white colours advance into the foreground while black colour recede into the background. The choice of warm and cool s affects the figure to ground relationship of the image elements.

Nataly Tucci our graphic designer believes there is really no disadvantage of having two s or twenty s, and she reckons everything depends on the balance and structure of the design. “If it is a good design, it doesn’t matter how many s it has!” She declares.

We expect this trailer to get hauled into some really muddy places, and that’s okay – the vinyl covered cube can be mud-coated, sun baked and wind and rain battered; the sides will always wipe clean with soap and water. The s will not fade. The vinyl is good for ten years. A power wash however could do some damage, and should be avoided; vehicle wrap owners, especially those with trailers and vehicles with large flat surfaces should clean them with a garden hose and a sponge instead.

So behold the SCORRA trailer in 2016; the club will bring it along as they go to work establishing, maintaining, and patrolling trails within Simcoe County. The equipment trailer is sure to be present at the events they host this year, including rider training, trail & track rides, motorcycle maintenance, and club meetings.

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