Sign Source Solution loves Halloween! All of the designers, printers and installers around here agree that October 31st is the best non-holiday holiday (we don’t get the day off) because it challenges people to get creative with their costumes, and tweak their crazy side. This is the one day of the year that everyone can play another character, and go crazy. Some people go all out and adopt ‘alter-ego’ personas for parties and while parading about trick-or-treating with their kids. We’ve noticed that what people choose to be on this evening sometimes reveals what they’re most scared of, or what they think is cool, or who they really are in life. That’s what makes Halloween so amazing!

So we’re hoping you will all choose to design and assemble an amazing costume this year and get in the habit of being creative at home and in your business. Please stay tuned to see what the folks here at Sign Source Solution put together for themselves for the 31st (a Monday?). And you will see that our creativity leaps off the page, and manifests itself as living art, both here in the office and in our business.

Sign Source Solution offers your marketing people the most professional custom signage for your company; our goal is to make your organization grow because your signs impact consumers and resonate in the marketplace.

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Why Orange and Black for Halloween?

Traditionally designers favour orange and black colours for all Halloween related artwork. Do you know why orange and black are so often associated with the occasion? Well besides being the color of autumn, orange signifies endurance and strength and pumpkins! What about black? Well that’s the ultimate scary thing – blackness or nothingness. Many cultures associate black with death. An absence of light, black is the opposite of goodness and benevolence. So orange and black for Halloween are symbolically representing ‘strength in death’.

Thinking about ‘revamping’ your old Halloween office party decorations?

How do you make scary stuff that still imparts the strength and character of the company and respects the office sensibilities? How can you improve upon the scary witch and the black cat decals on blank office walls? Come talk to us for amazing decorations.

Cats, Pumpkins, Witches and Pirates – every decade there’s a new monster, and as time passes old monsters fade away and are no longer found in printed party posters or any holiday iconography. A good example is found in older pop culture monsters, Vampires, Werewolves and Frankenstein – these creatures no longer resonate and have been replaced by evil clown, crazy Pokemon and … The undecided voter (Ken Bones in signature red knit sweater).

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