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Car Vinyl Wrap Toronto

Sign Source Solution offers a professional quality car vinyl wrap in Toronto for all your mobile advertising needs. Using the highest quality 3M vinyl wraps, we are able to cover all types of vehicles — cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, racing cars, cube vans, boats and even airplanes! With our professional installers with years of experience, you will be guaranteed a great wrap for your vehicle, whatever it may be.

Why choose car vinyl wraps?

Vinyl wraps for vans Toronto

In Toronto, a major city, businesses and corporations are constantly competing for the attention of the average consumer. This is a difficult task however, as people are constantly on the move and the shift towards digital media and personal devices makes it increasingly difficult and expensive to garner their attention; traditional media such as print media advertisements is no longer a reliable method to substantially promote one’s product or service. This is where car vinyl wrap in Toronto courtesy of Sign Source Solution come in: vinyl wraps allow companies to advertise their products on their company vehicles, bypassing the need to rent out space on other people’s property and thereby reducing costs. In newspapers, magazines, billboards or even digital advertising, rental fees apply and the rental time period is limited; in car advertising, the advertising space belongs to you and thus there are no excess fees. There is also a much longer period of time before updating is needed, unlike traditional media like newspaper (where each daily edition is discarded for the next day’s paper).

smart car vinyl wraps toronto

Sign Source Solution offers many different types of vinyl wrap in Toronto for all your car advertising needs; rear window and full body car vinyl wraps are available depending on your preference.

The 3M vinyl wrap that we use has a 6 year warranty, so our customers will have the peace of mind knowing that their vinyl wrap is of the highest and most consistent quality; 3M vinyl wraps have air release channels that disperse air bubbles and permits easier and proper application; it also allows for easy removal without damage to the vehicle.

For car vinyl wrap in Toronto, come to Sign Source Solution for professional and quality service that will bring your company’s advertising to a new level.

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