Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Custom Illuminated Signs Boxes

Sign Source Solution will help our customers with the custom design of their illuminated sign and permit application.

This is a 6′ by 40′ LED illumination sign box for Provo. It has a flex face stretch Banner material as opposed to acrylic or Lexan, with straight no waves, very durable and a long-lasting material that the banks use. Notice the beautifully wrapped truck in the foreground!

LED illuminated sign box

exterior Illuminated sign box for store
Illuminated sign box toronto

Stretch banner illuminated sign

Banks like signs that are made from a stretched banner as they are smooth and do not have a wave to them, unlike signs made from acrylic/Lexan.

Stretch banner illuminated sign

Illuminated sign box with vinyl cut out

illuminated sign box with vinyl cut out

Acrylic Face Illuminated Box

The illuminated sign box below is a huge sign. It’s 5′ high and 24′ long. No sign is too big or too small. We make them all! Contact us today for a free consultation.
Acrylic face illuminated sign box

Apple Tree Empowerment School’s new sign looks fantastic with a new Acrylic Face Illuminated Sign Box. The acrylic face is simple with a glossier finish than most signs. The colours have a warm tone with great detail. The combination of an acrylic face with an illuminated sign box ensures the high quality. The vinyl and acrylic face will last and be seen for a long time.
Illuminated outdoor business Sign

Before and After we installed the new Illuminated sign box.
Acrylic Face store-front sign before and after installation
office exterior sign box

Front Window Graphics


Illuminated Round and Square Signs


Indoor or Outdoor Illuminated Sign Boxes

Indoor and outdoor illuminated-signs

This installation includes two illuminated sign boxes as-well-as an awning and window graphics.

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