Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and Canopies are an alternative to the the standard light box signs.

In the installation below we did the 1st floor (Carbon) and 2nd floor (Footprints Music).

Add a unique dimension to your business, brand your company, create an identity that attracts customers’ attention and draws them in.

An Awning or canopy can accentuate the style and architecture of almost any building, while giving your business a distinct personality. There are arrays of awning shapes, sizes and colours that will allow you to be creative and provide a unique and distinct image for your business. It could be traditional, bright and flashy or classy.

awning commercial sign

An awning or canopy can save you money on your energy bills, as it will block the sun from heating the inside of your building. Create a new covered area to expand and promote your business.

We offer all these different solutions, using top quality materials and brands.

If the by-law in the city does not permit you to put up a sign, because you maxed out on signage, then we have other solutions. The sign variance is an appeal to the city’s decision of no more signs. We specialize in applying for variance sign application on your behalf.

An illuminated awning is a very formal and nice way to put the name of your business on vs an illuminated sign box. The awning is an alternate solution to a standard and common illuminated sign box. It will convey a similar message an illuminated sign box does, however it is elegant, attractive and classier than the average Light sign box.

We specialize in awning signs, illuminated awning signs by LED’s, neon or fluorescent.


Installation of an Awning for Royal LePage

install awning

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