Custom Office Lobby Signs

Sign Source Solution specializes in creating different types of custom lobby signs and office receptions signs. We are the first choice for office lobby signs and corporate logo signs in Concord, Vaughan, and Toronto. Book an appointment now with our experts.

Sign Source Solution can help you make your business stand out from the crowd. Create a Brand experience with a professional reception sign.

We’ll work with your needs and budget to select the best options for all your signage needs.

Take a look at few samples of office reception signs we created.

Simle Solutions Lobby Signs

Reception Signs

Retail sign made with laser cut black and white acrylic letters, 3/8″ thick with 3/8″ spacer.

Blue Illuminated Reception Sign

Blue LED illumination reception sign with Brushed Aluminum vinyl face (Horizontal Grains) and laminated on 1″ thick Acrylic. We grooved the channels inside the acrylic from the back and inserted strips of Blue LED Lights for a truly amazing effect.

We then ran the wires inside the wall and connected to a power supply in the ceiling for a nice and clean look.
blue led illumination reception sign

Brushed Aluminum company logo sign laminated on 3/8″ acrylic
brushed aluminum company logo sign laminated on 3/8" acrylic substrate

Brushed aluminum laminated on 3/8″ thick acrylic with 3/8″ spacers and installed on a freshly painted wall.
large reception logo sign for tridant

Sharp light illuminated reception sign
This is a rear illumination Reception sign that is lit by LED lights filled into a groove in the 1″ white acrylic with black opaque vinyl in the front (we had to groove the 1″ acrylic from the back to create channels that we can insert LED strip) – the result is side illumination, as well as rear illumination, Each letter that is lit has a 12v lead wire that had to be inserted into the wall (behind the stroke of the letter) and connected into a hub which was connected into an LED transformer that is connected into a standard wall plug of 120v. The wall behind had to be cut in order to access the wires.
illuminated light reception sign
Here’s the same sign with the light turned off.
Sharp Light Reception Signs

Steel Pin mounted logo reception sign in brushed aluminum
steel pin mounted logo reception sign in brushed aluminum toronto

Reception sign made from brushed aluminum laminated on an acrylic return with 3/8″ spacers

brushed aluminum office sign logo banner

Reception sign with company logo

Brushed aluminum office logo sign

These Toronto Sports franchise logo signs have an acrylic face with a vinyl application and brushed standoffs.
acrylic face logo sign with vinyl application and brushed standoffs

These interior office signs show the company’s logo. Made from an Acrylic Face 2′ x 3′ x 3/8″ thick. Each sign is made using frosted vinyl on the back and a vinyl application in the front. These are smart signs.

Acrylic Face indoor office sign
We create 3D (dimensional) letters and company logos using a wide variety of materials such as Metal, Metal mainated on acrilyc, Acrilyc, Vinyl.
company reception logo sign
office logo sign for reception

Painted Acrylic letter (Laser Cut) reception sign of company logo for office reception.
Painted Acrylic letter reception sign of company logo

This acrylic Reception Sign has 3/8″ spacers and a vinyl application for “Recruitment.”
Acrylic Reception sign and spacers

Office reception logo sign

This sign has an acrylic face with 4 brushed aluminum stand offs, frosted vinyl on the back and customer logo on the front with a vinyl application.
logo office reception sign toronto

reception sign toronto office

reception sign for toronto office

Reception Sign from cut out from black acrylic ‎with 3/8″ spacers. Logo is a vinyl print.

Brushed aluminum Sign

This is a Brushed aluminum sign laminated on 3/8” acrylic (8807 platinum colour) with 3/8” spacers and pin mounted.
Brushed aluminum office reception sign

Brushed Aluminum laminated on 3/8″ Acrylic return with 3/8″ washers and Brushed Aluminum vinyl application of the city names.
Brushed Aluminum laminated Acrylic-sign
reception sign vaughan ontario

Company Logo on a Truck

Company logos should be used to brand and promote your business wherever it is. Take the example below of a well-known company logo on a tractor trailer applied as a decal. Call us to find out how we can help you increase your brand exposure.
vinyl decal logo on a tractor trailer

Company Logo on glass

To see examples of logos on glass doors and windows please see our Windows Graphics page.
Frosted Vinyl on glass door application with the company logo cut out

Painted Acrylic Reception Sign

A reception sign made from a combination of painted acrylic and Vinyl application‎ for “Men’s Health” Clinics.

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