While the latest marketing trends are all about digital ads and viral videos, don’t let that fool you into believing that your brick and mortar signage isn’t important. Outdoor business signs are a powerful advertisement that that people can’t help but look at as they walk and drive past your business. Are you making the most of this valuable real estate?

Announce Your Location

Most people choose to shop nearby where they live. If they don’t know you’re nearby, they won’t seek you out. Exterior buildings signs announce your presence and give potential customers a taste of what your business is all about. While you might have to work to target people who live in your area when you’re marketing online, your business sign already targets people within your community – your ideal customer base.

Even older businesses in the same location will get more attention from a new exterior building sign, even if most people in the area already knew where they were located. Why? After a time, people grow accustomed to seeing the same old signs. Shaking things up generates new interest and can help you change your brand image to attract new customers. Older signage can also give passersby the idea that your business is also old and outdated, and a fresh, new sign may be just what you need to make a more positive impression.

Harness The Power Of Visuals

When you’re trying to make a dent in market share, or just attention spans, signage is powerful. Humans are very visual. There’s a reason that things that videos and bright images are key components of successful marketing strategies. Similarly, a compelling and visually appealing exterior building sign will attract attention and bring in more people inside your business.

If your sign is designed to complement and enhance your branding, it has the power to positively remind your customer of how they feel about your business every time they drive by. Great marketing is about making an emotional connection and reminding the customer about their excellent experience with your business. Making a well-designed sign a key component of your marketing strategy will ensure that this is achieved, every time.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts With An Outdoor Sign from Majestic Sign Solutions

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