Nationwide is a proud and trusted provider of a variety of home heating, cooling, and water treatment services. The company offers Canadian households many efficient options for keeping warm during the winter. Their heating services include furnaces, boilers, water heaters and tankless water heaters and they also offer heating protection plans and customized duct work. These guys deal with home owners all across Ontario, and they spend a lot of time on the road.

vinyl wrapped fleet of- cars

Sign Source Solution was real pleased to work with this wholly Canadian owned and operated company with headquarters in Markham Ontario. We view their services as being important to all society, and perhaps even more necessary now than ever before. We have to get the message out about conservation and lowering energy consumption as we strive to be more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions to meet new standards that combat climate change.

Nationwide Home Comfort ( has over one hundred staff members and their installation and service network is well distributed all across Ontario. This is an amazing statistic considering the company is still relatively young, about three years old. The organization was founded in 2013 by Perry Kemp and Roman Berson and began as a Sales and Marketing Agency.

So these guys know the value of good branding, and the enormous potential to create impressions with attractive and compelling vinyl vehicle wraps. Their green and white logo is modern and fresh and represents the company’s commitment to protect the environment, while the swirling globe logo catches the eye and symbolizes a complete assessment with a full range of home service options.

The work was done in January, and the client was thrilled when they picked up the cars on Monday Feb 1st, 2016 . Its estimated that a single vehicle wrap can make on average about twenty thousand impressions per day (that’s a very conservative estimate actually) and so five of these vehicles could impact about 100k people per day and make about three million impression per month. Suffice to say that’s good value and in all likelihood you, the reader will see one of these cars in this year. The vehicles will make 33 million impressions across Ontario before 2017 and those kinds of numbers would suggest that your eyeballs will, in all likelihood, be among those millions.

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