One of the best ways to make your property more attractive to your business tenants is to install a new custom pylon sign. Your client cares about the visibility of their business, because it helps them attract their customers. A great pylon sign will help them attract the right customers, which will make your property very valuable in their eyes.

What Does Your Pylon Sign Say About Your Property?

A pylon sign announces the quality of the property to everyone passing by. Has the sign been updated recently, or is it old and discoloured? Your clients will assume that the level of care you put into your pylon signs is similar to the level of care you put into every other detail on your property. Impress them with a pylon sign that is well-maintained and stands out.

Find The Perfect Look

Does your pylon sign match the kind of businesses you want to attract?

  • Signs with charm and character attract customers that serve specialty, high-end markets.
  • Bold neon signs will attract convenience-based businesses, like 24-hour grocery stores.
  • Professional, straightforward signs work best for medical complexes and plazas in up-scale areas.

If you need advice deciding on what kind of style is best for your specific property, the team at Sign Source Solution would love to help. We have the experience and the design chops to create the sign that best reflects the branding you’re aiming for.

Illuminated Pylon Signs

Are you interested in attracting businesses to your property that operate at night? Restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores, and boutiques may all need to be open after sundown to attract their customers. An illuminated pylon sign will ensure that they have presence on your property at night. Furthermore, in Ontario we have very early sunsets in the winter. Most businesses will be open past dusk and an illuminated pylon sign will ensure they stay competitive during those hours. That’s a great selling point for your property.

Custom Pylon Signs from Sign Source Solution 

If you’re ready to make your property stand out with a custom pylon sign or an illuminated pylon sign, reach out to us at Sign Source Solution and arrange your complimentary signage consultation.


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